Anna Davis


As long as I can remember I have been drawing and painting. Encouraged by my parents, I got my first oil paint kit at nine, I pulled my first easel out of the trash at the local mall and the corner of my room dedicated to art became a permanent fixture in my life. I could say I have always been an artist, born one in fact. But it might be more accurate to say that art has always found a way to communicate through me.  Even talking is punctuated by small sketches to make my meaning clearer.

My earliest influences were John R. Niell and Edward Gorey. Their fantastical pen and ink illustrations were as important to me as the stories they assisted in telling.  As I became more versed in the world of art and the artists who inhabit it, I fell in love with the Impressionists. Their ability to capture the mood, light, colors and life force of a scene in seemingly haphazard strokes of the brush is amazing. When viewed too closely the colors wash together and appear chaotic but when viewed from afar, the  scene materializes and becomes beautifully cohesive. I have adopted that philosophy in the way I view life, art and society - I try not to scrutinize the details but rather aspire to identify “the big picture” out of the surrounding chaos. 

I enjoy putting small, quiet moments on canvas for others to contemplate.  Whether figurative, fantasy or landscape I hope you will find some meaning in the narrative.

About the Artist